We partner with leaders to bring innovative software ventures to life.

We assist startup ventures in crafting product architectures, formulating effective tech strategies, and guiding their teams throughout the complete product lifecycle. Elevate your startup to new heights with our CTO services.
CTO as a Service for Startups
Proof of Concept

Our business and tech experts will study and analyze your business idea and help you in validating and improving it.

  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Product design sketching
  • Early feedback from target group
  • Documentation explaining the idea
Discovery Phase

We will help you analyze the target market, define your product-market fit and gather all the project requirements and goals.

  • Establish business goals
  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Audience profiling
  • Compliance and security risks discovery

We provide answers to any business and technical questions that maybe asked by investors

  • Technology pitch deck development
  • Q & A with investors
  • Tech-related communication with investors
  • Business and tech parts alignment
MVP Development

We handle the full MVP development process while you focus on your business strategy.

  • Product architecture; UI/UX design
  • Product roadmap and development plan
  • MVP development from the ground up
  • User feedback collection

Our experienced CTOs will help create a complete scaling strategy for your startup.

  • Architecture audit and improvements
  • Minimal risks scaling strategy
  • Development team optimization
  • Scaling and maintenance management

Types of CTO Services

You get a full-time CTO who deals with everything from team management to roadmap creation and infrastructure setup. The expert will be focused on your tasks 40 hours a week.
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We offer you a CTO who collaborates with you to cover specific areas that require a boost, working for an agreed number of hours as per the contract.
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We cooperate for a short time to help you deal with specific tasks or particular short-term goals, i.e. project/tech audit or assistance with advanced technical troubleshooting.
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If you’ve suddenly lost your permanent CTO, we will leverage our technical expertise to have CTO responsibilities covered until a full-time CTO is hired and onboarded.
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Benefits of On-Demand CTO as a Service

Cost Efficiency

The position of a CTO is hard to fill in if you’re a startup with a small budget so you can sign a flexible contract for our CTO-as-a-service. You pay much lower rates and only for the technical leadership you need.

Extensive Technical Resources

We have a wide pool of in-house experienced professionals such as UI/UX designers, cloud architects, solution architects, business analysts and software developers and project managers. The consulting CTO shares responsibility with these and are able to cross pollinate knowledge.

Immediate Availability

Considering our model, we can typically start within a week. No hiring cost, no holidays or sick leaves paid. No long-term commitments. Only simple and plain pay-as-you-go contract.

Business-First Approach

The position of a CTO is hard to fill in if you’re a startup with a small budget so you can sign a flexible contract for our CTO-as-a-service. You pay much lower rates and only for the technical leadership you need.

If you are an SME or a larger company, find out how our CTO services can bring value to your company. Take the challenge!

CTO as a Service

Setting the bar high in technology leadership

At BACTOSLAB, you can hire the best CTO as a service. We help SMEs achieve their business and tech goals in a way tailored to their needs. We are the go-to partner for all your technical questions.

An outsourced chief technical officer can bring value to a company of any size.
Larger companies can benefit from an external perspective on their current systems and future development roadmap. Using CTO services on the pay-as-you-go model gets you business support without long-term commitment.

Our highly experienced CTOs on-demand bring the world of technology closer to you at affordable rates.

Our Offering for SMEs and Enterprises

Technology Audit & Due Diligence

Maintaining quality and product reliability might demand that you conduct an audit with external our CTO. That way, you will have an unbiased perspective about your business performance.

We also perform projects audit helping with quality assurance. Our experts will analyse the opportunities and risks based on business alignment, strategy, architecture, people and processes, innovation potential, scalability and security.

Hiring & Tech Team Building

The quality of your engineering team, processes and culture will shape the outcomes for the whole business.
We assist at the tech team building stage, to recruit specialists in order to achieve a perfect team matrix for the challenges ahead.

Engineering Craftsmanship & Solution Determination

We provide tailored recommendations that will help you determine which technologies and solutions should be used for business needs (current and future). BACTOSLAB provides the best possible advice and support so that you can make informed decisions about how to use the most effective technologies available today. When technology becomes a bottleneck from the scalability, security or further product evolution perspective, we can help to redesign the existing solution and get back on track.

Leadership & Coaching

Even the best technical team won’t manage itself. Our CTO can take care of setting long-term technical goals and choosing the right tech stack for projects.
For fixed scope projects our CTO will take full responsibility for managing a team or an outsourcing vendor to deliver on pre-agreed project outcomes.

Cost Optimization

Technology expenses can quickly go high, especially with inaccurate ``build or buy`` decisions. Our experts will get the budget under control.

Advisory and Consulting

An external CTO provides CTO consulting services bringing a new perspective to the table thus positively influencing architectural and technical decisions.
We offer CTO advisory or second opinion on the matters of architecture, strategy, organization and processes. Our advisors can empower your permanent CTO with their vision of the future and innovation.
Additionally, bringing an external specialist on board can allow your full time CTO to focus on strategy rather than taking care of current burning issues.

Tech Strategy

Developing strategies for technology growth in a company ensures a company’s tech strategy is met and remains relevant to the changing needs of customers.

Additionally, our team:
• Designs and implements plans for how technology will impact your company
• Develops a tech roadmap that reflects your product’s goals, objectives and the required resources and technologies for product development
• Provides recommendations on improvements for product performance

Business Support

Areas we can help in include:
• Business expansion and setting new business strategies
• Establish new marketing channels
• Promote your tech product among users
• Regular analysis to detect user problems
• Check new tech trends, recent user needs and updating the product in order to achieve business goals.

Scaling Tech Products

Scaling tech products is easy with the right professional on board. The right external CTO not only has the technical knowledge but is also familiar with the industry market trends. Combining those two areas of expertise they can provide you with a well-planned complete scaling strategy.

Soft Issues

Issues are bound to happen. Our CTOs will support your tech team with technical skills and soft skills management. Back-end developers and front-end developers can blame each other or someone else. While a business owner can perceive the problem, he or she may find it difficult to figure them out.
A CTO can assess the situation and provide possible solutions to clear the misunderstandings which can impact the development process. Our CTO will:
• analyze and resolve conflicts.
• manage Team
• develop new collaboration procedures.
• inspire the team when there are challenges

Benefits of CTO-as-a-Service

Cost Efficiency

Hiring a full-time internal CTO translates to HR expenses. And since the chief technology officer role is crucial for the development to go smoothly, you don’t want to hire a mediocre one just because of the budget. CTO as a service is addressing this problem.

Broad Range of Support

CTO responsibilities can change rapidly. From preparing at tech pitch deck, to product development to scaling. We have a wide pool of in-house experienced professionals such as UI/UX designers, cloud architects, solution architects, business analysts and software developers and project managers.

You get a perfect match for each task with CTO-as-a-service.

Instant Access to Knowledge and Experts

CTO as a service solution can ideally match your business requirements. One-time CTO services provide experts with technical skills directly matching current company needs.

Our external CTO brings your company value from day one. Loaded with a solid technical background and vast experience gained from other projects they’ve worked on.

Owner’s Mentality

Our CTO services offers an owner’s perspective on current technical infrastructure and how it can be improved. We build and develop innovative products that meet your target needs by applying technology for business results.

We not only to pivot around software development. We develop products based on market and customers’ needs taking into account budgets and market trends.

Quality Tech Professionals

We have senior and expert-level staff who have undertaken challenging projects designing and engineering custom software solutions. In house domain expertise in PHP(Laravel), Node.js, React, Java (springboot), React Native and Flutter.

We pick a CTO with the relevant domain expertise to maximize your odds of success.


Having an in-house CTO means the need to budget CTO salaries.

With an outsourced CTO, you can use CTO services when you need them and pay accordingly. You get the business support you need but without the long-term commitment.

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