IT Staff Augmentation

Setting the bar high in technology leadership
Looking for software professionals to strengthen your in house team?

Need to accelerate a development project?

Access a talent pool of top software developers in Kenya from BACTOSLAB. You decide the skillsets you need and we will match you with the required experts. We dive into your project, adapt to your processes and work in line with your strategic goals and in house team.

We ensure fast onboarding and the ability to deliver value right away.

  • Extend your team with middle and senior engineers in weeks, not months
  • Achieve maximum development efficiency by leveraging our robust expertise across multiple domains
  • Scale your team up and down rapidly, and equip it with more competencies
  • Meet industry regulations and ensure your software includes advanced security features
  • Get qualified development and consultancy across the entire product lifecycle

Choose The Engagement Model That Suits Your Development

Team Extension

We can complete your team’s skillset, help you scale the team rapidly and flexibly, and accelerate your development processes. When we do that, here’s how the responsibilities break down.

Our Responsibility

Provide you with relevant engineers
Provide the engineers with everything they need to fulfil their roles
Scale the team up or down as per your request

Your Responsibility

Plan the development process
Manage the team, workload, and resources
Provide requirements for team scaling, up or down

Dedicated Team

Our team takes the technical worries off your shoulders, handles the engineering and management activities, and sets up clear communication.

Our Responsibility

Compose the development team according to the project’s needs
Manage knowledge transfer, day-to-day development, and internal communication
Provide reporting and fulfil any needs associated with scaling the team up or down

Your Responsibility

To provide the project vision, documentation, and requirements.
Receive reports and manage communication with the team.
Focus on the business and product, rather than the technical side.
Hire a Team

Project Requirements

Tell us your technology requirements and describe your project using our contact form.


Meeting to align on goals

We’ll arrange a meeting and identify what skillsets your project requires.


Composing a Team

We’ll provide you with CVs of software engineers with relevant tech and domain knowledge. You interview and choose the ones to join your team.


Project Kickoff

We seal the deal with a contract and launch your remote team.


Scaling The Team

As your project grows, it may require more manpower. On the contrary, after the most intensive development period, it may be possible to scale your team down. Either way, we can help.

Get in touch to make requests for further information.


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