MVP Development for Startups

Accelerate your startup launch with our MVP development services.

BACTOSLAB prioritizes fast MVP launches for startups to attract investors quickly

Share your product concept, and our software engineers will bring it to life. We guide you through every step of the development process, swiftly turning your idea into a practical software solution.

We help you assess your business idea, prioritize features, evaluate risks, and define a roadmap.  Our team helps you choose the right technologies and the best architecture with robust frameworks.

Our experts bring your product vision to life by thoroughly analyzing market trends and user expectations while aligning your strategic objectives. Based on the requirements, we define the feature scope to create a high-level product strategy.

With Proof of Concept (POC), Prototype and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development services, you can test the feasibility of the solution in the real world and adjust the product development to ensure its commercial success.

What’s an MVP?

An MVP in a startup is created to validate assumptions. It is an early version of a product that is created with minimum effort and development time.

An MVP helps check if your target audience is chosen correctly, find out what features are the most popular, determine the possible problems and create a user base of your product’s early adopters.

Is my product feasible?
Goal: Determine at the most basic level if the product is feasible.
How will my product look be used?
Goal: Visualize a product for internal UI design and development work.
How will users react to my product?

Goal: Launch an early version of the product into the market and get user feedback.

1. Strategic MVP Planning

We will help shape your idea into a strategic MVP plan ensuring your budget, timelines and project scope meet your business goals. Our experts will help craft a well-documented development plan. We will assist you with:

Identifying a Market Need

You need to learn if there’s a market need for your product. We help you identify your target audience, conduct market research and provide focus group testing.

Conceptualizing the Product

We help you conceptualize your idea just enough to receive meaningful customer feedback and test your concept’s problem/solution fit with potential customers.

Building the Product Roadmap

We help you build a strategic plan of your product development which contains all the key stages, plans and business objectives.

  • Why do you want to launch your product?
  • Who’s your target audience?
  • Where do you start?

These and other metrics regarding timing and product vision will be included in the roadmap.

2. MVP Design

Design is the key to achieving expected conversion rates. The BACTOSLAB UI/UX design team works with you to understand your product, users and goals to craft the user journey. We then create attractive, modern designs that make your product intuitive and easy to use.

3. MVP Development

We implore an agile methodology to bring your vision to life. We handle the full MVP development process while you focus on your business strategy.

We develop software product solutions by analyzing the product requirements, selecting the optimal approach for product architecture, UI/UX design and product feature prioritization.
Our MVP product development process is really basic – just the features needed to test the product market fit and get significant results. Our goal is to collect user feedback about the product in general and understand what users like most about it.

MVP project management requires improving the product until you get a perfect loveable version of it. We iterate repetitively based on user reactions and feedback implementing necessary changes to the product. We collect qualitative responses and test the product again.

4. Post-Launch Support

Our support doesn’t end at launch. BACTOSLAB DevOps engineers will set up and configure a continuous delivery pipeline which has a continuous testing suite aligned to your software delivery processes. This ensures users have access to the latest version of your product.

Why choose BACTOSLAB for MVP Development?

Diverse & Experienced Specialists

We have a seasoned team of software developers, UI/UX designers, software engineers, QA specialists, DevOps engineers and product managers who are well versed in diverse tools, technologies, frameworks and programming languages.

Time and Cost Savings

Once you hire our developers, a complete engineering team is engaged in your project devoting time and effort to brainstorming, developing documentation, prototyping, creating the product and making improvements. This allows you to leverage our expertise at every stage of the MVP development process and launch an MVP quickly and affordably.

A Business-First Focus

We are a customer-centric product development team who understand the need for bottom-line results. During the entire development process, our business analysts suggest project improvements and make sure all stakeholders have a common vision of project objective and goals.

Maintenance and Support

We support you with continuous software optimization and customization services for stable performance and optimal functionality. We offer flexible SLA-driven product support services that include:
• Deployment to take your product live
• Ongoing application enhancement
• Preventative and proactive software maintenance
• Performance monitoring and tuning
• Swift resolution with minimal downtime in your environment
• Timely platform upgrades by applying industry-standard tools and best practices
• Helping you with onboarding clients, product training and data processing
Hire BACTOSLAB MVP Development Team

Project Requirements

Tell us your technology requirements and describe your project using our contact form.


Meeting to align on goals

We’ll arrange a meeting and identify what skillsets your project requires.


Composing a Team

We’ll provide you with CVs of software engineers with relevant tech and domain knowledge. You interview and choose the ones to join your team.


Project Kickoff

We seal the deal with a contract and launch your remote team.


Scaling The Team

As your project grows, it may require more manpower. On the contrary, after the most intensive development period, it may be possible to scale your team down. Either way, we can help.


Why build an MVP?

Easy & Cheap Idea Validation

The advantages of building an MVP lie in its low cost and fast development.
An MVP is the cheapest form of a product and requires minimum features to test the idea and therefore — minimum time to build it.

It reduces the time you might need in the future for redoing or redesigning the product or its features. It also makes it easier to find and fix bugs at the early development stages. With an MVP you’ll have a clear overview of the things to improve, the product’s problems and the pain points for the potential users.

In other words, MVP aims to test and evaluate your idea, learn how the real world users are going to react to it.
A minimum viable product instead has a set of sufficient features to satisfy early adopters. It is designed after initial users leave their feedback about the product.

Room for Change and Evolution

An MVP gives you room for evolution. While we develop the product, some new technologies may arise, so we can integrate extra features keeping the core idea in mind.

Basically, you add value at each development stage and keep the product prototype flexible for the new changes.

Room for Change and Evolution

An MVP gives you room for evolution. While we develop the product, some new technologies may arise, so we can integrate extra features keeping the core idea in mind.

Basically, you add value at each development stage and keep the product prototype flexible for the new changes.

Low-risk, Low-cost Experimentation

An MVP is about understanding what your product needs for success. Since it doesn’t have to include all the features but just the ones you want to test, you can easily experiment with them to determine which ones work best – without spending a fortune.

Valid Proof of your Idea to Stakeholders

An MVP showcases what can become a larger, more complex product. It allows to demonstrate to investors and stakeholders the market validity of your idea and assures them to invest in building up the end product.

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